Luca Falcone Custom ClothiersLuca Falcone Custom Clothiers

Luca Falcone combines the traditional art of hand tailored clothing with the modern approach for today’s man.

Visit our Magazine Street Showroom or schedule an appointment with one of our custom clothiers to meet at your home or office.

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Custom Suits, Jackets, Tuxedos

Over 32 measurements are taken to ensure the perfect fit. See what makes our custom garments so desirable.

Custom Shirts

With fabric from the best mills in Italy, England, and Switzerland, we customize everything from the collar to the cuff.

Custom Outerwear

Drape, fabric, and cut are carefully considered to allow these garments to fit over jackets for colder climates or to be worn over a shirt and vest for a more tapered look.

Custom Shoes and Bags

Hand made in Spain, our factory has produced for Fendi, Valentino, YSL among other top designers. We are now proud to offer this level of quality to be completely customized.

Custom Jeans

Custom denim is a true luxury every man should invest in. Select color, finish, and style then customize every aspect from buttons to inside pocket fabric and monogramming.

Custom Accessories

All of our neckties and pocket squares are made with silk from lake como, Italy and then hand made in Milan. We have a wide collection of fabrics, colors, and textures and can make custom pieces upon request.

Custom Exotics

Internationally recognized as a rare and exclusive commodity, we are fortunate to have access to the most desirable alligator in the world. We then create pieces with these exotics to accent and elevate garments.

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